Bringing abstracts to life

Jul 28, 2013, 09:48 IST | Punam Chavan

After a brief hiatus, artist Bose Krishnamachari is back with 13 new artworks that are being showcased in an exhibition titled Maximum Bose at Gallery 7

Bose Krishnamachari is almost as colourful and vibrant as his paintings. The Kerala-born alumnus of JJ School of Art and Goldsmiths College London is known for his abstract art, figurative drawings and installations. But this time around, he has excelled himself in bringing his abstract art to life. The internationally-acclaimed painter is back with a new collection -- his signature style of abstracts -- at the Gallery 7 in Mumbai.

Stretched Body has been painted with vibrant acrylic colours with shapes overlapping each other

“I was drawn to abstracts because I believe there are no rules in paintings and they give me the liberty of painting my thoughts on the canvas with a free form,” Bose tells us. The artist has painted all 13 of the exhibited works using acrylic and vinyl colours on canvas. It took the 50-year-old a month to get things ready for the exhibition. “When I paint, I get totally involved in the process. My mind and soul unite to bring my thoughts and creativity on canvas as I strongly believe that colours can cherish human spirit like few other things,” he explains.

One of his works, titled Stretched Body, interests us with its vibrant colours. Bose says it is one of his favourite creations.

“I draw the shapes and structures after allocating space to it on the canvas,” he explains.

We ask Bose the underlying meaning of his works and indeed, why he has titled the exhibition Maximum Bose! “The Maximum Bose series expresses art in abstract forms. It celebrates optimistic thinking and cherishes the warmth that we share in our lives to the maximum,” he concludes with a smile. 

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