Bringing back Kabir

Jan 11, 2013, 02:37 IST | Gauri Pradhan

Singer and anchor Abhas Joshi and his brother Shreyas have decided to introduce the youth to a fusion of Indian verses and Sufi-rock music.

Their latest album has all of this plus a Spanish touch to it. Derived from the poetry of Sant Kabir, the album is close to Abhas’ heart. He tells CS more about his music:

Upbringing matters
I believe today’s songs are mostly just dance numbers with beats. There’s no poetry in there, and so, they don’t turn out to be long-lasting. I belong to a more spiritual family and I want to listen to more meaningful songs rather than shallow numbers. People have stopped thinking about what is the right thing to do. The upbringing of a person matters a lot in everything. Let’s take the example of the Delhi rape case. It probably would not have happened if the men had been taught by their families to respect women. Protest is of course needed, but family values are more important. And that’s what I want to propagate through my music.

Introducing youth to Kabir
Music from the past doesn’t please today’s generation. So, I and my brother thought of bringing back Sant Kabir’s poetry in a renewed version, while still retaining the morals in them. People of our age need to be exposed to what was taught years ago. And I must say that Sant Kabir’s thoughts were way ahead of his times. 

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