Brit PM rejects wedding ring

Jul 14, 2012, 05:10 IST | Agencies

David Cameron has disclosed that he has bucked trend of men wearing wedding rings and watches, following the example of his dad's generation

In a chat with readers of a magazine, the British PM made a confession that would get many wives upset. In a freewheeling conversation with women from different age groups David Cameron said that he had worn neither a wedding ring nor a watch.

Look, no jewellery: Though Brit PM David Cameron has been married for 16 years, he doesn’t wear a wedding band or any other jewellery. Pic/Getty Images.

Explaining the decision, he said he had ‘never got used to’ wearing anything on his hands.

Although 90 per cent of couples these days buy two wedding bands rather than one, it is not unusual for men in the higher echelons of society to eschew a wedding ring.

In doing so, Cameron is following the example of an older generation. Jo Bryant, an etiquette adviser at Debretts, said, “Historically there is a little bit of a thing among certain generations who said that men don’t wear jewellery. I think younger men generally are more likely to wear a wedding ring but there is no set etiquette and it really is a matter of personal choice.”

It follows surprise last year when it emerged that Prince William would not be wearing a ring after his wedding to Catherine Middleton. The Prince was said to have been following family tradition in that his grandfather the Duke of Edinburgh does not wear a wedding band.

Laura McCreddie, editor of Retail Jeweller magazine, said while that the few men who chose to eschew a wedding ring nowadays often do so because of family tradition. “There does seem to be a familial element,” she said. “Men won’t if their fathers didn’t.”

However, after the revelation of not wearing a watch, several took to Twitter to mock the PM. One user said, ‘How on earth have you got time for this?’ Others asked questions about what kind of make-up he uses and whether he owns a ‘man bag’. One said, “What blusher do you recommend? I notice you often get a little red-faced.”

Did you know?
The custom of women wearing a ring at marriage can be traced back to ancient Egypt

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