Brit women devote 43 weeks of their life applying make-up

Jul 19, 2012, 12:11 IST | ANI

The average British woman spends 91 hours per year applying make-up, which totals to 43 weeks a lifetime perfecting her face, a new study has revealed

According to the research, women in the south typically take longer to get ready for nights out and dates than those in the north, with 12 percent dedicating 45 minutes to one hour each day.

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That compares with only 8 percent for those in the north of England.

Almost a third of women admitted that they would like to cut the time they spend applying make-up, but only 13 percent had the confidence to go barefaced, the poll of 1,020 women by St. Ives facial scrubs revealed.

Nine percent of women said that there is nothing that would make them go make-up free with one percent even admitting to applying make-up before hitting the gym.

Many are now also perfecting their looks online, with 8 percent of women admitting to spending at least 30 minutes a week altering images of themselves on Facebook.

Despite British women being slaves to their make-up routine, only a fifth believe that their friends look better once made-up.

But 41 percent were unable to tell them that a natural look was better for fear of upsetting them.

“British women are spending an incredible amount of time each week applying their make-up despite being told by friends they are attractive enough to go “bare faced”,” the Daily Mail quoted Leah Doherty, from St. Ives, as saying.

“All the time spent worrying in front of the mirror could be spent having a good time with family or friends who will appreciate your company whether you’re wearing make-up or not.

“It seems modern women are not happy with the way they look even when wearing make-up, as our study reveals many are now even editing photographs of themselves before putting them on Facebook,” Doherty said.

The study also revealed that four in ten women would feel more confident if they had better, more radiant looking skin.

And more than one in ten women, 12 percent, would not mind turning to plastic surgery in their bid to look better.

Four in ten believed that weight loss is the key to looking good.

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