British beach volleyball girls promise not to cover up at Olympics

Jul 25, 2012, 20:57 IST | Agencies

Britain's beach volleyball team has said they will continue wearing bikinis regardless of the weather

Britain’s beach volleyball beauties have promised that they won’t cover up regardless of the weather.

Male fans were up in arms when they were told how all the girls could don frumpy long-sleeved tops and leggings if temperatures remained low.

But Shauna Mullin and Zara Dampney have vowed to stick with their skimpy two-piece kits.

Shauna Mullin and Zara Dampney

British beach volleyball players Zara Dampney (left) and Shauna Mullin. File Pic/AFP

“I will still be playing in a bikini,” the Sun quoted Shauna, 27, as saying.

“I can’t imagine wearing anything else on the sand — it’s perfect for our sport.

“We don’t want to let the fans down,” she said.

Her brunette playing partner Zara, 26, said that it would be better for the game if more people came to watch it.

“Beach volleyball is a glamorous sport,” she said.

“If more people come and watch the sport, and come away with a different attitude towards it, all the better,” she said.

A British Volleyball spokeswoman said that the players were aware that their bikinis were helping them gain popularity.

“The girls know the bikinis are helping them gain popularity in the sport. The fact they can gain interest will mean people will start to understand more about the sport.

“The bikinis are more comfortable and the girls want to look good. Hopefully the weather will be nice for them,” she added.

The pair hope to finish in the top ten but face tough competition from the US and Brazil.

According to the rules competitors can wrap up if temperatures drop below 16°C.

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