British PM sorry for sexist remarks

Oct 03, 2011, 09:36 IST | Agencies

David Cameron 'deeply regrets' comments he made in the House of Commons to female MPs, which have been criticised for being sexist

David Cameron 'deeply regrets' comments he made in the House of Commons to female MPs, which have been criticised for being sexist

British PM David Cameron has apologised to any woman he may have offended by remarks he made to two female MPs as he acknowledged that the Conservatives need to do more to attract women voters.

He admitted he needed to do better as he insisted that he was 'not one of the lads' and had not meant to cause offence, amid concern that support among female voters is slipping.

But Labour said that the prime minister was 'out of touch' if he thought that women's anger with the government was based on ill advised remarks to female colleagues, rather than spending cuts that were hitting women "twice as hard as men".

Cameron used an interview to admit he had "screwed up" when responding to Labour MP Angela Eagle and Conservative Nadine Dorries in what were widely seen as sexist comments during prime minister's questions. In April, he repeatedly urged Angela Eagle, the shadow chief secretary to the Treasury, to "calm down, dear" during a Commons exchange and later refused to apologise, dismissing his comments as "light-hearted".

Cameron also faced further criticism when he told one of his own MPs, Nadine Dorries, that he knew she was "extremely frustrated" and then appeared to join in the laughter his double entendre provoked.

Cameron said about the incident with Eagle, "If I offended anyone, I'm hugely sorry. This is not what I wanted to do. It was a lighthearted reference. Catchphrases stick with me."

He reiterated his apology, saying, "I obviously said some things in the House of Commons that just came out wrong and caused the wrong impression and I deeply regret that." "This is not an excuse, it's an explanation, but... prime minister's questions is aggressive, confrontational. That's what prime minister's questions is like and I don't think you can change it actually. As a result sometimes it just sounds terrible. And so I apologise for
that. That's not what I'm like, and I wanted to try and put that right. But I recognise -- must do better."

'Cheap' Samantha
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