Briton beats wife for breaking the rules of slave and sex agreement

Jun 06, 2012, 12:10 IST | IANS

A 44-year-old Briton is facing jail after savagely beating his wife for breaking a bizarre slave and sex contract they entered to save their marriage.

A 44-year-old Briton is facing jail after he savagely beat up his wife for breaking the rules of a bizarre slave and sex agreement they had entered into to save their 15-year-old marriage.

Scott Western, director of a charity organisation, lashed his 46-year-old wife Therese Western with a belt. He pleaded guilty at a court in Edinburgh to assault charges, a major newspaper reported.

His wife went to police after suffering three beatings on the same day, leaving her needing hospital treatment.

A court heard the couple had signed a contract that contained rules for a "master and slave relationship", specified sexual acts and household chores that had to be completed by his wife. She faced "punishment" if she failed to comply.

Western said that among the rules she broke were failing to answer a question quickly enough, opening the passenger door of the car instead of waiting for him to do it and refusing to have sex when he wanted.

Western has resigned from the Community Help and Advice Initiative (CHAI), a social welfare charity to relieve poverty with which he was involved since 1997.

Western will be sentenced next month.

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