Brother goes to seek revenge for slain Oshiwara bizman's death, loses son

Jul 27, 2013, 06:22 IST | Shiva Devnath

After Ejaz Khan lost his life in December 2012 for opposing Millat Nagar redevelopment, a slow police probe led his brother to attack accused Abrar Khan's friends yesterday, when a sword struck his son

Accomplices of Abrar Khan, an absconding accused in last year’s murder of Ejaz Khan, have been slapped with a murder case for killing Ejaz’s nephew Abdul Haq (17) yesterday.

Haq was killed in Al-Marwah building at Millat Nagar in Oshiwara, where he went with his father Imtiaz and others to attack Abrar Khan’s men with swords. Imtiaz, who is Ejaz’s brother, was allegedly not happy with the police probe in the case.

Counterattack: Imtiaz Khan’s son Abdul Haq lost his life at Al Marwah building at Millat Nagar

Abrar and three others shot Ejaz on December 15, 2012 over plans to redevelop Millat Nagar. Ejaz was opposing the redevelopment, as building residents were being coerced into submitting to it under threats from the underworld. Abrar Khan had also threatened residents in the past to get them to agree to the builder’s plans, it is alleged.

According to Oshiwara cops, on Friday evening, Imtiaz along with son Haq and some other residents went to meet friends of Abrar Khan. Police said that Abrar Khan’s friends snatched the swords from them and launched a counterattack. Abrar Khan’s associates Danish Ansari, Salim Nomani and Waqas Khan were injured in the attack.

Cops have filed a murder case against the three, while an attempt to murder case has been registered against Imtiaz and his men.  Danish claims that Imtiaz’s sword hit his son Haq, leading to his death. However, Imtiaz has denied this allegation. Oshiwara cops said that they have detained Imtiaz and his aides. 

Back story
Ejaz’s father was president of the Millat Nagar Housing Society. After his father’s death, the new committee had roped in a new builder for the redevelopment project, which Ejaz was dead against. Khan had raised objections, and a bitter dispute dragged on for years. 

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