2 brothers held for killing cop's son, seeking revenge

Jun 09, 2012, 06:31 IST | Shiva Devnath

The accused had allegedly planned the murder a year ago, after the deceased thrashed them following a fight over a girl

Samta Nagar police investigating the murder of the son of an assistant police inspector arrested two men yesterday. Brothers Swapnil Yadav (25) and Chetan Yadav (22) are sons of a retired assistant police inspector and stayed in the same colony as the deceased. According to Nanasaheb Bhimaji Kamble, senior police inspector at Samta Nagar police station, the two arrested accused killed Sudhakar Shankar Kamble (35) because of a fight they had a year ago.

Killing time: When the accused found Sudhakar entering his building alone and intoxicated at night, they saw this as an opportunity to kill him

“Sudhakar had beaten up the two brothers over a girl one year ago. The brothers had since that day planned to extract revenge,” said NB Kamble, senior police inspector. MiD DAY had reported about the incident (‘Cop’s son found dead after night out on B’day, June 8) wherein it was stated that police had detained two men for questioning based on Sudhakar’s father’s suspicions. Kamble added that since it was Sudhakar’s birthday on Wednesday, he had left his house at 10 am to party with his friends. When he did not return late into the night, his parents assumed he was with his friends and did not suspect anything.

Birthday ends in death
“When Sudhakar arrived at his colony at midnight, the watchman saw him enter the premises alone,” said Kamble. Police officers investigating the case said that when Sudhakar came inside the building he was under the influence of alcohol, which was noticed by the two brothers. Sensing an opportunity to get retribution, the duo allegedly killed him.

“We have arrested the two. However, we are still ascertaining the sequence of events that led to Sudhakar’s murder. The two have been arrested for murder under section 302 of Indian Penal Code,” added Kamble. The two will be presented in court today. On Thursday morning the sweeper employed at the police colony in Saraf Choudhary Nagar, Thakur Complex, Kandivli (East) spotted Sudhakar’s body lying near the rear gate of building number 28.

There were no other injury marks on the body, but the victim’s arms were brutally broken. She immediately informed Sudhakar’s family who stay on the fourth floor of building number 27 in the same society. Sudhakar’s father Shankar then informed the police.  

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