3 brothers survive savage attack by 10

Jun 18, 2012, 08:21 IST | Sukirt D. Gumaste

One sibling receives bullet wound in attack by group armed with gun, sickle

A group of at least 10 people attacked three brothers from the Vidya Nagar slums in Chinchwad with a gun and a sickle at 2.30 pm yesterday. Pundalik Bharat Lagade, one of those attacked, received a bullet wound. His brothers, who were attacked with the sickle, received minor injuries.

A vehicle belonging to the complainants damaged by the assailants yesterday

The three brothers, Pundalik, Nitin and Santosh, were admitted to Yashwantro Chavan Memorial (YCM) Hospital in Pimpri. “After all tests are done on Pundalik, the picture will be clear and according to that we will conduct the surgery,” Dr Kishorkumar Hande of YCM Hospital said. “The other two brothers have minor injuries on the shoulder and fingers. They all are out of danger now.”

Pundalik Lagade, who was injured in gunfire

3 suspects identified
Police Inspector Sarjerao Gawde of the Pimpri police station is investigating the case. “In the afternoon, a mob attacked their (Lagade brothers) residence,” he said. “Three suspects were identified — Samir Shaikh, Sagar Pille and Zahir Shaikh. Before the attack they stoned the tempo of the complainants. The reason is not clear, but we think it happened because of some personal differences. Samir has a criminal record, but the others don’t have a criminal background.” 

The police investigate the crime at Vidyanagar slum in Chinchwad. Pics/Navnath Kaple

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