BRTS project to be delayed further

Mar 13, 2014, 07:49 IST | Sanjeevani Didmishe

Based on the safety audit report, infrastructure work on this corridor is yet to be completed by the PMC before
the PMPML can begin plying its buses on the routes

Even after the first inspection of the BRTS corridor took place on Wednesday by IIT Powai professors along with PMC and PMPML officials after the safety audit, the bus service has not yet received the go ahead to ply on the BRTS route.

During the audit, IIT professors had suggested 75 improvements on two BRTS routes — Nagar Road and Alandi Road.

In this inspection PMC commissioner Vikas Deshmukh and other officials and PMPML chief executive officer Mayura Shindekar and her team conducted a trial run of the buses on Alandi Road.

As per the suggestions, most of the work has not been done and two bus stations on Nagar Road and Alandi Road are not yet constructed. PMPMPL is not ready to start their bus service on both these routes, till the work is completed. On other hand PMC is claiming that the work is almost completed and PMPML should start the bus service at the earliest.

“In our inspection we clearly saw that lot of work on Nagar road is still pending whereas the work on Alandi road has been almost completed and we can start our bus service within one month,” added Shindekar.

PMC Commissioner Vikas Deshmukh said, “It is my first visit to the BRTS corridor which is under PMC and I wanted to check the status of the work. Our officials are working on suggestions.”

Though work on the BRTS corridor has been going on for the past year, thefts at the bus stations and vandalism cases have increased.

A local on the condition of anonymity said, “This BRTS corridor work on Nagar Road has become a headache for us as it is going on for long time now. The construction material is dumped on the road. We cannot walk properly and in the night there are accidents as people cannot spot the BRTS dividers.”

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