Brunch banter

Apr 12, 2012, 06:41 IST | Gauri Pradhan

Talk about ageless skin and one of the few faces that pop up in our minds is that of Isha Koppikar.

CS takes a few dressing tips for a brunch from Isha who is known for her great dressing sense:

Making the moist of it
Most of the brunches that I attend end up being day long affairs, so I make sure my skin looks good throughout the day. I moisturise my skin thoroughly with natural moisturisers; preferably with moisturisers containing coconut as they penetrate deep into your skin and get absorbed easily leaving it feeling supple in a non-sticky way. Mint is also very cooling during summers.

Going neutral
You must remember that the make up should be smudge proof, and not too loud. Be neutral, giving extra attention to the lips and the cheekbones.

Styling your tresses
I give my hair some extra attention before a brunch. A quick deep conditioning massage with coconut oil, and shampoo gives your hair a healthy glow. Then, I style it into a low, messy bun and put a delicate floral hair accessory. A sleek middle parted ponytail is also a nice way to carry your hair. People who have natural curls can leave their hair open with a centre puff.

Going casual
You can either choose smart casuals or semi formals as your brunch attire. A pretty floral dress looks good, as well as a jumpsuit, if you’re one who likes to dare. Wear heels or pumps that complement your outfit.

Saying no to big bags
Do not carry huge leather or cloth bags as it does not fit the occasion. A subtle clutch or a classy sling bag will be perfect.

Keeping it light
If the brunch you are attending is becoming a long-drawn affair, it is advisable to eat small portions of the hors d’oeuvres floating around. This keeps you light and social. 

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