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Updated: Jan 14, 2020, 09:58 IST | Shunashir Sen | Mumbai

A couple of months after launching, a burger delivery joint in Khar continues to do an excellent job with its buff patty

The Fillin' standard is a classic no-frills beef burger
The Fillin' standard is a classic no-frills beef burger

Food: Tasteful
Ambience: Delivery
Service: Prompt
Cost: Average
verdict: 1/4

This is a tale of two burgers. It's about the difference that exists between a classic buff patty and one that falls under the tag of "vegan". That's what we order from Good Flippin' Burger, a delivery joint in Khar that we had given a thumb's up to last November. Back then, we had tried their chicken, pork and fish options. But this time, buffalo is the only meat we order, opting for The Flippin' standard and The bhoot, apart from vegan seagal. Let's add a disclaimer here. On a normal day, we wouldn't be caught dead biting into a vegan burger. But this time we are in the company of a friend who has shunned meat and milk. So we think, "Why not do the unthinkable?" and wait for about 40 minutes before the order arrives.

While The bhoot has the punch of bhoot jolokia
While The bhoot has the punch of bhoot jolokia

First things first. Good Flippin' makes a terrible error in their packaging, since the vegan burger (`280) comes in a box that has a red dot on it, when the colour should ideally have been green indicating that it's suitable for vegetarians. But we look past this mistake and take a bite of a patty that has a crunchy texture with a primarily beetroot filling. It's literally the first time we have ever had anything like it, and truth be told, it is also possibly the last time that we ever will. This dish has nothing going for it. The first word we can think of to describe it is "insipid". The patty is sweet due to the beetroot and the friend makes a valid point when he says that the only thing that makes this burger "vegan" is that there isn't a slice of cheese. Would he order it again, though? Not a chance in hell.

Which brings us to the second burger — The Flippin' standard (`290). This one has a classic beef patty and one bite confirms that this is where this joint's forte lies. It's juicy, has been cooked to perfection, and has mild seasoning. There's something about a beef, or buff, burger that makes us go weak in the knees. Honestly, a chicken or even pork option pales in comparison. We had written good things about the cluckinator the last time around, which is their chicken burger. But The Flippin' standard tops that. It's a no-nonsense dish that sticks to the basics. Some things don't need to be messed around with.

Vegan seagal is passable, though. Pics/Chandni Mehta
Vegan seagal is passable, though. Pics/Chandni Mehta

That's why we don't care much about The bhoot (`310). Don't get us wrong. This one's a perfectly all-right burger. It's basically the same patty as The Flippin' standard treated with a bhoot jolokia relish. That gives it a punch you wouldn't find in the classic version. But ask us to choose between the two, and we'd still go for the latter, no matter if you call us old-fashioned or, worse, boring.

So overall, Good Flippin' Burger is a more-than-decent addition to the number of burger joints that keep popping up in the city like mushrooms in the rainy season. The place needs to iron out the little niggles in its packaging since it's almost sacrilegious to put a sticker with a red dot on a box with a vegan burger inside it. Our advice, however, would be to not order the vegan one and instead, opt for a different place altogether if your dietary restrictions don't allow for meat and cheese. But if they do, don't think twice about ordering the buff options available. Get The bhoot if you're feeling adventurous. Otherwise, simply call for The Flippin' standard. And once you're done gobbling it up, send us a thank-you note for recommending it.

Good Flippin' Burger

The Guide first reviewed Good Flippin' Burger in November 2019. We conduct select follow-ups to assess maintenance

Time 12 pm to 3 pm; 6 pm to 12 am
At Shop 1, Danda Koli Samaj, Khar West.
Call 989220111

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