Build your own drone in this new workshop by Shyam Vora in Mumbai

May 15, 2016, 10:39 IST | Team SMD

Interested in building your own drone? Shyam Vora of Maker's Asylum, which is organising a drone workshop in the city, deconstructs the mechanics of the machine

Interested in building your own drone? Shyam Vora of Maker's Asylum, which is organising a drone-making workshop in the city, gives a low-down on the mechanics of the flying machine 

Drones are easy to build
Almost anybody can make a drone. Yes, really! One doesn't require great educational qualifications for this. Our drone-making workshop has been designed in such a way that anyone can take part in it. The instructors wouldn't be going into the details and technicalities of electronic circuits and coding. Instead, we will be teaching participants about the different components involved in assembling a drone, and how they could be used to play around or modify the machine. They will eventually be creating a palm-sized drone.

Does size matter?
Not really. A palm or pocket-sized drone is as equipped as a heavy unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

You can install sensors in a small drone, and use it for geo-scanning. One can also fix a small camera on the drone, to view or record areas that are beyond one’s vision and send it to a computer directly. What one has to be careful about is the weight of the sensor that you put into the camera, and the battery-limitation. A palm-sized drone can’t fly for more than five minutes.

Shyam Vora

Wings of possibilities
The drones that we will be assembling at the workshop will have four propellers. But there are drones that have six, as well as eight propellers. The more the number of propellers, the greater the upward force and the heavier the load it can carry. There are drones that can carry children, and fly around with them. However, the complexity of the programme increases with the number of propellers.

Workshops in the city
According to Vora, drone workshops can help create a community in Mumbai. “People don’t know where to go and discuss ideas on improvising drones. It’s the perfect platform to connect with those keen on building the machine,” he says.
Maker’s Asylum
Where: Opposite Passport Seva Kendra, MIDC, Marol Industrial Area, Andheri (E)
When: May 20 and June 11, 11 AM – 8 PM
Entry: Rs 1,500
Call: 9004686828

Drona Aviation Pvt. Ltd
Where: CSRE Building, IIT Bombay, Powai
When: May 18 and May 22, 9.30 AM – 5.30 PM
Entry: Rs 1,500
Call: 9870803435

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