Builder clears water from basement, adjoining trench

Jun 20, 2013, 07:43 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

After months of living in abysmal conditions due to a flooded basement, residents of Sneha Paradise housing society heaved a sigh of relief after the builder pumped out the stinking accumulated water yesterday

MiD DAY had on Tuesday reported on the issue in an article (‘40 families in the lurch as building basement flooded’). Taking cognisance of the issue, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) officials issued a letter to the builder, granting permission to remove the water from the basement and the adjoining construction pit, which was dug up by the builder to construct another building. 

Reprieve: The builder installed a pump to flush out the accumulated water from the basement, bringing respite to the residents of Sneha Paradise in Warje Malwadi

Parag Sathe, one of the building residents, said that they are very happy with the turn of events and would like to thank the civic body and the builder for providing them respite.

The plot where the pit was dug was entangled in a legal battle, as an opposing party got a stay order from the court a year ago. The builder Nandu Rajput had stopped work since, and the pit got filled with water. The accumulated water started percolating into the basement of the Sneha paradise, and became worse with the onset of monsoons, and started resembling a swimming pool.

PMC building inspector Amol Rudrage who took the initiative after the report was published, issued the permission letter to the builder after consulting with the PMC legal team. 

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