Building compound wall collapse kills 3 women

Jun 17, 2013, 01:46 IST | Anup Satphale and Sandip Kolhatkar

The newly constructed building near Dandekar Bridge was built very close to compound wall, which may have weakened wall's foundation

Owing to incessant rains on Sunday, a compound wall of a newly constructed building -- Suvarna Naad Park -- near Dandekar bridge came down crushing three women, who were passing by on the footpath adjacent to the compound, last night.

Officials try to clear the debris after the building wall collapsed. Sharda Majire (inset) was one of the victims of the tragedy. Pics/Krunal Gosavi

The fire brigade was called minutes after 8 pm, when the incident occurred on Sunday. Four fire tenders tried to remove the debris with the help of JCB machines.

Due to the impact of the wall collapse, around five tempos that were parked near the wall were crushed under the debris. Mangesh Milawane, a fireman who was at the spot said, “Three deceased women must be returning back home considering they were holding bags in their hands when the tragedy struck.”

The deceased have been identified as Sharda Yeshwant Majire (45), Madhavi Pangarkar and her sister Mira Athaley. According to Mira’s husband, Shirish Athaley, Mira was visiting her mother and sister (Madhavi) who live in the Dattawadi area.

Despite her mother’s insistence against venturing out in the heavy rainfall, the duo decided to proceed towards Mira’s home. hen Shirish called Mira on her cell phone, a police official picked up and informed him about the incident. Majire was a resident of survey no 129, near Amarjyot Mitra Mandal, in Dattawadi area.

Ram Majire, son of the deceased woman alleged that residents staying in nearby areas were afraid that the wall would come down eventually, considering the shoddy construction.

According to the residents, part of the building was constructed on top of an existing structure and the building was constructed very close to the wall, putting pressure on the compound wall, which may have weakened its foundation. The wall, which was about fifteen feet tall, was very close to the building compound.

Additional Commissioner C G Dainthankar (South) confirmed that three bodies have been taken out from the debris on the spot. Daithankar told MiD DAY, “We will conduct a thorough enquiry into this incident, and those found guilty will be booked.” Daithankar also said that the work to clear the debris would continue till late in the night.

45-year-old Majire, who lived in Dattawadi, was one of the three women who died in the compound wall collapse.   

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