Bull Vrishabh 'weds' cow Parvati in Jaipur

Apr 16, 2012, 07:40 IST | Agencies

In a rare 'marriage', a cow tied the knot with a bull with pomp and show in Rajasthan on Saturday. The event marked the culmination of festivities which started with an engagement ceremony and distribution of invites for the bovine alliance.

The ‘wedding’ took place in Katkar village on the border of Sawaimadhopur district and Karuli district, some 200 km from Jaipur. The bull christened Vrishabh from Medi village ‘wedded’ cow Parvati from Katkar village amid ceremonies and rituals akin to human’s traditional Hindu marriage. Both animals are jointly owned by residents of the two villages.

“We had made all the preparations. Marriage invitations had been sent to hundreds of people. The priest had announced the wedding date in the engagement ceremony organised earlier,” said Radharam Meena, a resident of Medi village. “About 500 people from half a dozen nearby villages and local politician participated in the event.

Another villager Mohan Meena said that Vrishabh was made to wear jewellery and other fashion accessories to spruce up his looks. “Then a barat from Vrishabh’s village went to Katkar village, which was welcomed by the people from Parvati’s village,” he said. What then followed were the usual trappings of a Hindu wedding, including seven rounds of the holy fire and the marriage ‘vows’ also known as the ‘saptapadi’.

Parvati was then sent off to Medi village with Vrishabh. “Some villagers’ eyes welled up while bidding adieu to Parvati. As per the tradition, she would have to live with Vrishabh,” said Mohan Meena. Villagers said that the wedding of a cow and a bull is considered auspicious and is traditionally aimed at refinement in cattles’ breed.

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