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Dec 09, 2009, 08:10 IST | Sanjeev Devasia

Sena, Congress not interested in getting MLAs' suspension revoked

Sena, Congress not interested in getting MLAs' suspension revoked

The MNS had hoped that the suspension of its four MLAs will be revoked, but that's unlikely to happen as the Shiv Sena doesn't want to support the breakaway party and the Congress is in no mood to help either.

"We will have a tough time in getting the suspension revoked unless all the opposition parties or the ruling party support us. While the BJP wants to support us, the Sena doesn't," said an MNS leader.

MLAs Ramesh Wanjale, Vasant Gite, Ram Kadam and Shishir Shinde were suspended on November 9 for attacking Samajwadi Party MLA Abu Azmi as he tried to take oath in Hindi.

Suspended: Shishir Shinde

Brave face

According to MNS sources, the Congress has toughened its stance against the party. "The Congress wants Raj Thackeray to approach the party leadership and work out a strategic deal with them," said another MNS leader.
Congress spokesperson Anant Gadgil said, "We will not support the MNS in any way. Its MLAs have not given any indication of  good behaviour, so we are not thinking about the issue as of now."

However, Congress leaders claim the suspension could be revoked in the next Assembly session, which is likely to begin in March. Shiv Sena spokesperson Neelam Gorhe said, "It is a Vidhan Sabha matter.

It is not for us to decide or comment." MNS spokesperson Nitin Sardesai was not available for comment despite several attempts, while another spokesperson refused to comment.

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