Bumpy ride on Sion-Panvel highway

Aug 26, 2012, 08:44 IST | Saurabh Katkurwar

PWD instructs infra major to merely coat highway with tar to cover potholes this monsoon, experts insist on using concrete

Due to the monsoon, stretches on the highway near Vashi toll naka and Vashi flyover have a large number of potholes over the past few days. However, the Public Works department (PWD) and its contractors responsible for repairing the potholes have coated the patches on the road with tar, which is likely to come off in a week.

This monsoon, vast stretches of potholes at the Sion-Panvel highway are being merely coated with tar. PIC/SAMEER MARKANDE 

According to the PWD, the maintenance of Sion-Panvel highway is done by the IVRCL- KMPL joint venture, and maintenance of around 100 metre stretches on both sides of Vashi toll naka is done by the MEPL.

Anand Shahpure, manager with IVRCL, said, “We are using the technique of resurfacing of potholes with tar as the PWD instructed us to do so. However, concretisation of existing highway is being done so there will not be any issue of potholes in the next one to two years.” Jayant Mhaisakar, director of MEPL, remained unavailable for comment.

“We have found that when we resurface road with tar, it lasts for over 15 days even during heavy rainfall. Since there is no technique to fix potholes permanently, we keep resurfacing the road with tar,” said a PWD official on condition of anonymity. Rajendra Jawanjal, superintendent engineer of PWD, was unavailable for comment. The contractors have reportedly spent over Rs 2 lakh for repairing potholes on the highway over the last few days.

“Authorities should look for better techniques. Concrete filling, will last for over four months,” said Jitendra Gupta, a transport expert.

Chhagan Bhujbal, minister for Public Works, said he will instruct the concerned officials to take necessary measures to make the Sion-Panvel highway pothole-free. “Since the highway is being concretised, there will not be any pothole on the highway in the near future.”       

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