'Bureau of Investigation' official busted

Jun 28, 2012, 08:10 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

The police control room received a frantic call from a 22-year-old woman yesterday morning, informing that she had found a bag containing a pistol at a vacant area outside a mall in Kothrud.

 The police rushed to the spot after being alerted only to find that the weapon was a cigarette lighter. Besides the fake gun, the police recovered an ID card stating that the holder was the executive director of the ‘Bureau Of Investigation’.

Smita (name changed) had gone to a shopping mall in Shikshak Nagar in Kothrud and found the abandoned bag in a vacant plot outside the mall. She opened the bag out of curiosity and was shocked to discover the weapon inside. She immediately informed the police control room, following which S B Navale, police inspector with the Kothrud police station was alerted.

“We reached the said location and found the girl and the bag. We recovered a pistol and the identification card of one Ashutosh Kumar, who was posing as the executive director of the ‘Bureau Of Investigation’,” Navle said.

He added that upon examining the weapon, it was found to be a cigarette lighter. The police began studying the ID card, which states that the ‘Bureau office’ is located at New Sangavi in the city. The card also had a website address of the organisation: www.antipcrime.co.in. “The ID card mentioned the agency as ‘Anti P Crime Investigation, as per INTCR order of the minister of HRD (Govt of India)’,” Navale said.

He added that as they were checking the other contents of the bag, the owner turned up. He said that he had forgotten his bag at the mall and added that he is the in-charge of the ‘Bureau Of Investigation’ in the city and conducts investigations of piracy-related matters.

The suspect also said that the organisation is directly affiliated to the Ministry of Human Resource Development and is also affiliated to INTERPOL. Besides making tall claims about his agency’s affiliations, Kumar has also been dropping big names at the police station.

“Since we were doubtful about his profile, we detained him at the police station. During questioning, he said that all senior police officials in the city know him very well,” Navle said. Assistant Commissioner of Police K C Lawange said, “We are verifying his credentials and the authenticity of his organisation. During the investigation we came to know that the website address mentioned on the ID card is fake. We will be sending our police personnel to his office and residence to investigate the case further.”

Senior Police Inspector Kalyan Vidhate of the Kothrud police station said that there are cases where such individuals approach government offices, private firms and small-scale industries posing as officers from some investigation department and try to mint money. 

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