Burger off!

Apr 04, 2012, 11:13 IST | Tanveer Bookwala

Drop by Burgs for affordable beef and pork burgers. Of course, you'll relish these even more if you don't go expecting a gourmet experience

 At the outset, this writer must confess of his weakness for the burger. International trips to Asia and the West have been peppered with gorging on the beef and bacon delights. So, when a specialised burger joint advertising ‘gourmet’ burgers opened up recently in Bandra, it made for a must-visit date on the gastronomic calendar.

The Big Burg (Rs 168.89) is available in a smaller variation as well. Pics/Santosh Nagwekar.

When one enters Burgs, what hits you is the stark whiteness of it all — like an Apple store, minus the subtle aesthetic. This is more in-your-face Zen, which is quite the paradox. There is a display board that flashes your number on it, so you know when your order is ready (self-service) and LED screens that play the menu. Chic fast food décor, but surely not gourmet!

The Chocolate and Orange shake (Rs 123.56) is a must-have. Pics/Santosh Nagwekar.

The menu is basic. Burgers. But without accompaniments! Fries or onion rings can be ordered separately. We start with the Onion Rings (Rs 88). For being one of the only few pairings, the rings were leathery and languid. The rings were soaked in buttermilk, and coated with flour and (perhaps cornmeal) but incorrect temperature in the oil while deep-frying to a golden crisp is make or break. In this case, sadly, it’s a break!

We start with the signature burger, The Burg (Rs 168.89) that is a pounded buffalo tenderloin burger and the only one at Burgs that is offered in a regular as well as large size. There is a variation, called The Big Burg, which comes with two patties instead of one. The burger, served all wrapped up in paper, opens to reveal a juicy patty smeared with bright Béarnaise sauce (blended butter and egg yolks pulp). Sadly, while there are a bunch of sauces and dips on the menu, there isn’t an option to customise your burger or replace one sauce for the other. The Burg starts off well, but tends to feel dry towards the end. The Pork parade can rejoice, the Notorious PIG (Rs. 176.88), comes with char-grilled, BBQ sauce glazed, shredded pork that is embellished with strands of caramelised red onions.

To wash it down, we try the delicious Chocolate and Orange Shake (Rs 123.56), which true to its name, tastes of Orange and Chocolate. The Peanut Butter and Jelly Shake (Rs 123.56) is also a winner for the hardcore Peanut Butter and Jelly lovers.

Burgs didn't know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals.

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