Businessman fakes his own abduction to escape creditors

Sep 28, 2012, 11:38 IST | Vinay Dalvi

A 35-year-old Pydhonie businessman who was supposedly kidnapped by three persons on Sunday was found in a guesthouse in Pune, where he had holed himself up after faking his own abduction.

Mohammed Yusuf Hussain Chaudhari
Sinister: Mohammed Yusuf Hussain Chaudhari faked his kidnapping because he was mired in debt

According to police, Mohammed Yusuf Hussain Chaudhari had faked his own kidnapping to gain sympathy from creditors to whom he owed vast sums of money.

Pydhonie police had received a complaint from Sameer Shaikh, Chaudhari’s nephew, stating that his uncle had been kidnapped from Pydhonie area, and that the kidnappers were threatening to remove both his kidneys.

“I got a call from my uncle saying that he was at Mandhavi post office in Pydhonie and had boarded a taxi for Darukhana when the taxi driver took him to an isolated place and two people got into the vehicle and took Rs 3,15,000 from him at knifepoint. They also told him that they would remove both his kidneys. My uncle told me that the kidnappers had allowed him to make one call. He didn’t give his exact location,” said Sameer Shaikh.

After Shaikh approached the Pydhonie police station and registered the complaint, cops immediately started investigating the case.

But after running from pillar to post trying to locate Chaudhari, they sensed something amiss later.

“We wondered why kidnappers would allow anybody to make a call and then threaten to remove that person’s kidneys,” said Nisar Tamboli, deputy commissioner of police, Zone II.

Hussainbhai, a scrap dealer buy’s who buys material from Bhendi Bazar and later sells it in Aurangabad, was then traced to a small hotel in Camp area, Pune, on Wednesday night and brought to the city yesterday.

Faking it
“He [Chaudhary] had taken a loan, and had also picked material from Mumbai on a credit basis and hadn’t paid his dues. He thought that his kidnapping theory would help him garner some sympathy, so he faked the whole story,” said a police officer from Pydhonie police station. Cops are yet to decide whether to book the victim for faking his own kidnapping.  

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