Busy Vivek dumps project

Jun 09, 2012, 07:15 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Vivek Oberoi agreed to be co-producer of a film whose subject he found appealing but now has no time for it

Vivek Oberoi who had proclaimed himself to be producer of Mangesh Hadawale’s film about the aspirations of rural India, has apparently disassociated himself with the project. The film has Nawazuddin Shaikh and Tannishta Chatterjee in the cast. It had premiered at the Busan Film Festival in Korea in November after which VO had espoused that he would promote it. The film has been produced by Mahavir Jain, Anil Lad and Chirag Shah.

Says Mahavir, “As I know Vivek and after seeing what the film was about he agreed to be a co-producer of the project. He came on board only after the film was complete. At that time he was free and so did not mind being present for the film’s events. But when he started shooting, he told us to relieve him from the project. We now have Imtiaz Ali as presenter of the film.”

When the producers had met Ali and showed him the film, he was delighted with it and felt the movie should reach a maximum number of people, as it’s an entertaining and meaningful cinematic work. He thus came on board to promote and present it.

Says Vivek’s spokesperson, “He is still the producer of the film. As he has been busy of late he has not had time. He was earlier shooting for a film with Mallika Sherawat. He is presently in Singapore for an awards event and will resume shooting in Rajasthan for Soham Shah’s film after his arrival.” 

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