Button surprised at Hamilton's veiled criticism of McLaren

Mar 15, 2013, 07:53 IST | PA Sport

Jenson Button was left stunned by former teammate Lewis Hamilton's veiled criticism of life at McLaren. Since moving to Mercedes

Hamilton has revelled in freedoms he says were not prevalent at McLaren, a team where he spent 13 years, the last six of those in Formula One.

Earlier this week Hamilton said: “I have come from a place with a lot of control, a really controlled environment where you are restricted to do and say what you are told.”

However, Button claims they could not be further from the truth. Button said: “Yeah, I was very surprised to hear that. The freedom you have in this team is phenomenal, and that doesn’t just go for me. In this team you have to work, probably harder than you would at other teams, at sponsor requests and what have you. This is an F1 team that is not a mass-production manufacturer.”

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