Buy a DIY kit, help educate the girl child

Feb 18, 2013, 11:18 IST | Soma Das

If you're obsessed with collecting Do It Yourself (DIY) kits, and wouldn't mind some some karma (read: brownie points) along the way, check out the NGO Hamara Nischay's craft kits.

Through a series of kits you can learn to paint your own apron and pencil case, create your own Rapunzel tower, sketch ethnic paintings, decorate cloth bags, cushion covers and file folders, create Rajasthani and Japanese doll puppets, craft wall hangings, torans and door hangers as well as make Diwali and Christmas cards.

Wooden elephant craft kit 

The money generated from the sale of kits will be used to fund the Nischay Girls School in Jaipur. The school educates underprivileged girls till the tenth grade free of cost and provides them with uniforms, school bags, books, mid-day meals and conveyance facilities.

At present, over 500 girls study in the school. The school is located within the campus of Neerja Modi School in Jaipur. Hamara Nischay is an initiative of the Nischay school and focusses on vocational training and in providing the students with employment.

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