Buy a T-shirt to earn good karma

Oct 10, 2012, 07:22 IST | The Guide Team

We have always been a fan of greeting cards by the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, an international organisation that supports over 800 handicapped artists worldwide.

Now, you get to choose from a range of T-shirts designed by artists associated with the organisation. Currently, they have five designs on offer that have been created by 17 artists they work with in India. More designs will be added soon.

A T-shirt by Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

The artists with the organisation paint using their mouth or foot due to disabilities that have affected their hands.

One of their artists in action

We loved their blue T-shirt that depicts the city landscape and their yellow eagle T-shirt (above). All T-shirts are priced at `695. They also have bags on offer.

You can also log on to the site to check out their other products or to choose a card created by the artists for the upcoming festive season.

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