Buyers of used vehicles should verify registration details: RTO

Sep 19, 2014, 03:48 IST | Anuj Ismail

The RTO and traffic police warn that buyers of used automobiles should always check whether the vehicle has been stolen or was used for criminal activity

With fresh incidents coming to light, of customers being duped into buying stolen vehicles, the city traffic police and RTO officials warn that it is best to check a used vehicle’s criminal history and registration details before buying it, to avoid serious consequences.

Jitendra Patil, RTO officer said, “While purchasing a second-hand vehicle, buyers should be aware of who the sellers are, and verify the details of the vehicle. Besides checking such particulars on the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) website free-of-charge, they can visit the RTO and submit an application along with the fees - Rs 52, and request that the vehicle be verified.

The applicant should also have a photocopy of the smart card, PUC, etc.” He added, “The applicant will get all the particulars such as the owner’s name, vehicle registration number, engine and chassis number within 30 minutes, and even confirmation of whether the vehicle has been reported stolen or not. It is advisable for second buyers to check these things so that they are assured that the vehicle has neither been stolen nor involved in criminal activity.”

The traffic department is currently using an Android-based application, ‘Pune Traffic Tech’, to check vehicle details by entering the registration number. Senior PI (traffic), Rajendra Kamire said, “The application can be used to check the particulars such as the name of the owner, engine and chassis number. It is yet to be officially launched, and as of now we are using it on an experimental basis.”

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