Sep 23, 2012, 08:02 IST | Ruchika Kher

All that everyone wants in the world today is peace and harmony. Taking this thought forward is Kingdom Of Calm, a brand that offers products with signs and designs based on the state of calm

Mumbai-based duo of Ayush Saran and Mustafa Rasool comprise the core of Kingdom Of Calm, a brand that follows the philosophy of peace and calm for its products. All its products bear designs inspired by these two elements with eclectic and offbeat artworks, made available across mediums from canvas shoes, T-shirts, helmets, headphones to phone cases and laptop covers.

Blackberry cases, Rs 399 to Rs 499

“Kingdom Of Calm started as an inspiration from the amateur art and design around us. We began collecting sketches and artworks from our personal sketchbooks and assembling a collective of like-minded artists, who, like us, were trying to create culture, not just consume it,” says Saran, who provides artwork and product design for all merchandise. Partner Rasool handles production, manufacturing and sourcing. “Every design is hand-illustrated and produced in-house currently, but we have already started approaching other artistes to source new work and provide them with a new platform for spreading their message,” he adds.

iPad cases Rs 1200

The price points at Kingdom Of Calm start at Rs 500 and upwards but most products are available under Rs 1,000. “This was a conscious choice and we release our work to retailers very selectively, always ensuring that at the point of purchase the products are priced reasonably for the consumer,” shares Saran. The duo believes art should be affordable and accessible to everyone.

“We work hard to ensure everything we produce is durable. But it should not cost any more in stores, than what we would be willing to pay out of our own pockets, if we were the buyer,” shares Saran.

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