Cameron 1-1 Merkel

May 21, 2012, 05:59 IST | Agencies

Two years after British PM David Cameron had to watch England be trounced by Germany 4-1, in front of German chancellor Angela Merkel, he got his revenge when Chelsea defeated Bayern Munich in the Champions League final

Like millions of televisions around the world, the one in Barack Obama’s presidential cabin at Camp David was tuned in to Chelsea’s dramatic penalty shoot-out Champions League victory against Bayern Munich on Saturday.

British Prime Minister David Cameron celebrates while watching Chelsea beat Bayern Munich in the Champions League final alongside a glum German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Obama, joined by more partisan viewers in the form of British Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, took a break from discussing fiscal crises and war to watched the thriller in Munich.

The White House said the three leaders and others watched the overtime shootout, which was ended in clinical fashion by Chelsea forward Didier Drogba.
The White House confirmed that there was some playful trash talk between rival fans.

As the final approached its nail-biting climax, Barack Obama apparently positioned himself between the prime minister and his German counterpart to act as a referee and ensure good diplomatic relations were maintained.

Later hugged Merkel and offered some consolatory words

The last time the pair saw a game together on TV was at the G20 summit in Toronto, when Germany thrashed a lacklustre England 4-1 at the 2010 World Cup. So, the Prime Minister could be forgiven for not being quite so humble in victory when Chelsea beat Bayern Munich to take the Champions League.

Merkel looked less than impressed as Didier Drogba hurtled his penalty past Manuel Neuer to seal the match while Cameron threw his hands in the air in double fist pump.

Cameron subjected Merkel to some playful trash talk as they watched Chelsea defeat the German side and hoist the Champions League trophy.
Later, the British PM chatted with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel about the match.

“It’s not often you get to watch an England-Germany game with the chancellor, it goes to penalties, and England win. So this was a historic moment. There was no bet. There was a lot of cheering, and then there was a make-up hug.”

Cameron’s John Terry gaffe
David Cameron made an embarrassing gaffe at the G8 summit yesterday, slamming John Terry over racism allegations when he has not yet stood trial. The PM appeared to make an inappropriate reference to the defender’s forthcoming racial abuse trial in unguarded remarks picked up by TV cameras. 

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