Campa Cola demolition: Why legal 5th floor residents are worried

Jun 06, 2014, 07:28 IST | Chetna Yerunkar

BMC will carry out the demolition in absence of a contractor; legal residents claim that the haphazard demolition plan could affect their homes as the floors immediately above them are to razed

With no contractors coming forward to assist the BMC in the demolition of the 96 unauthorised flats in Campa Cola Society, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is confident their demolition plan will not affect the residents living there legally.

The legal occupants of the society, however, beg to differ. The residents claim that the razing of the illegal parts of the structure is being planned in a haphazard manner without proper planning and expertise, which could lead to damages in their authorised homes.

They have also not been promised any security during the demolition drive. Residents of fifth floors fear the demolition the most, as the floors immediately above them are to be razed, piece by piece.

Occupants had approached the High Court regarding this issue earlier and claim the court ordered them to return only after if any problem cropped up during the demolition. With monsoons around the corner, flat owners are worried about leakage and seepage.

Resident speak
Sarita Chawla, a fifth floor resident of Orchid Apartments in Campa Cola society, said, “We have to suffer the most, as the flats above us would be demolished. The BMC is not at all efficient in getting the work done, and this could lead to leakages during monsoon.”

Kapil Malhotra, fifth floor resident of B Y apt, said, “The BMC staff surely is not trained to demolish. I will make sure photographs of our houses are clicked before the BMC begins the demolition, as the haphazard hammering above us could definitely land us in trouble.

We have invested a lot in our homes, and will not allow any damage to be done to them. The whole process of seeing the demolition is going to be very traumatising, as our neighbours are also a part of our family.”

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