Campion hoopsters sport similar jersey numbers

Jan 11, 2014, 04:29 IST | Sundari Iyer

In the MSSA boys’ U-11 inter-school basketball match between Campion (Cooperage) and VIBGYOR High ‘B’ (Goregaon) a number of  Campion players were seen wearing jerseys with similar numbers which is against the rules.

Harshit Shah and Viaan Roshan both wore No 6, while Mory Gaal and Aditya Singh both sported No 9 on their backs. The scoresheet however, mentioned Viaan as No 7 and Aditya as No 5.

Campion coach Jaisingh Rathore admitted the error. “We were getting late to reach the venue, so I didn’t get time to check if the players jerseys had correct numbers. I’ll ensure we don’t repeat this mistake,” Rathore told MiD DAY.

MSSA basketball secretary Arthur Fernandes said: “Two players with the same jersey number in one team is unacceptable. We have kept colored chalks for coaches to make the changes in jersey numbers in case of duplication.” Campion won 20-4.

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