Can be Flipp'd better!

Aug 19, 2013, 03:33 IST | Ashishwang Godha

Wanowrie's latest caf � makes an attempt to impress but needs to up its game to survive

The latest eatery at Wanowrie makes its presence felt with its bright red nameboard lighting up its dark whereabouts. Curious passers-by stop and grab a bite with boisterous friends. We step in wondering whether it can survive amid a surfeit of other eateries that didn’t manage to find their footing.

The huge Potato Cheese Burger  had to be halved

As of now, it doesn’t seem equipped enough. It’s menu serves up a variety of burgers, a few rolls and ready-to-cook nuggets and fries. There are veggie, chicken, fish and even beef options between the buns. They come sandwiched between lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. Of course, you’ve had them all before.

French fries with a garlic garnishing was a change we welcomed

We have nothing against frozen market options. In fact, they are often much higher on hygiene than raw meat resting on kitchen counters harbouring bacteria. We’d just like to see something a little different in terms of treatment, taste and style. The garlic flavouring on the tiny portion of Fries (Rs 35) are a small step. The Onion Rings (Rs 50) were unmentionable.

The piping hot Crispy Wings (Rs 70) were definitely the star of an otherwise room temperature burger meal. Doused with Tabasco and crisp-fried, the generous portions are soul food. We just wish they were fried in a professional fryer, ensuring that the meat would be cooked through and not pink around the bones.

Onion rings were crispy

The burgers are big for sure. So much so, that they need to be cut into two halves to serve and bite into with ease. We wish they were as big on flavour too. The Potato Cheese Burger’s (Rs 60) patty and dressing does nothing for its giant casing. The Meat Roast Burger (Rs 90) is better, but with its tough beef (again room temperature), a little bit of fries and what seemed to be a blend of ketchup, mustard and mayo, it’s more of an exercise for your jaws.

Only the Spicy Fish (Rs 80) comes in hot. You can differentiate the layer of home-made marinade surrounding the fish before it was dredged and deep-fried into a beautiful cutlet. It’s a professional recipe and a well-trained hand, we think. We discover that the father of the attendant at the counter has been in the catering business for years.

Spicy Fish was hot and crispy when it came; perfect for a quick bite.

Flipp’d is a young attempt. They have their price points going for them. They also have a young and enthusiastic team that wants to make the venture work. If only they can start flipping their burgers better!

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