Can eating chocolate boost your libido?

May 31, 2013, 15:21 IST | A Correspondent

Can food ignite passion? We are not talking of mysterious love potions, but of the wicked ways in which you can use stuff like hot chocolate. Read on...

The erotic power of food can create magic. Couples in ancient Greece and Roman enjoyed ripe fruits before making love. The idea of exotic herbal aphrodisiacs has been around practically forever. And about that hot chocolate, one of the chefs we spoke to suggested that we combine it with chipotle chillies for explosive results!

R Selvaraju, executive chef, Taj Residency, says, "In Arabian countries, most men indulge in hot coffee and a bowl of dates to increase libido. Seafood like oysters and lobsters are believed to increase sexual appetite.

Certain kinds of fruits like prunes are also known for their aphrodisiac properties."

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Nimesh Bhatia, executive chef, The Lalit Ashok, agrees that certain kinds of food can enchance mood and heighten desires. "Good food touches all the five human senses. There are many aphrodisiac foods like onion and garlic, and strawberries. Coffee-based drinks like Kahlua and Tia Mari are also very effective. I would choose lots of chocolates, raspberries, strawberries, wine and roses for my romantic dinner."

Romal Singh, says, "I love experimenting with food but prefer to keep things unmessy. For example, the use of fruits or a nice dollop of whipped cream would turn me on. Anything oily is a big no as it just makes things too slippery."

Fruits are undoubtedly the healthy way out to light the flame of love. Apples, bananas, mangoes and strawberries score high.

According to Dr B A Roy, sexologist, "Nutrition plays a vital role in lovemaking. Hectic work schedules and long commutes leave young professionals battling eating disorders, which in turn impacts their sex lives."

He believes fresh fruits like apples, green vegetables, onion, garlic and drumsticks are nutritious and can stir libido to revive sexual function.

When it comes to love food, chocolate can't be ignored. Chocolate contains phenylalanine, an amino acid that increases the body's endorphins and work as natural anti-depressants.

Nisha Bhandary, who recently got engaged, says, "Chocolate and love is an evergreen combination, it sweetens the relationship and is a good stressbuster too." Whipped cream and chocolate sauce may make your imagination work overtime, but Dr Roy strikes a note of caution, "Beware of contaminated or adulterated chocolate and ice creams. They can create trouble."

Lovemaking is incomplete without wine or champagne. But adventurous souls believe chocolate soda topped with whipped cream works just as well. 

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