Can't get Abhishek Kapoor on the phone!

Mar 30, 2013, 06:25 IST | Kunal M Shah

Post Kai Po Che, Abhishek Kapoor has changed his cellphone number to avoid actors and producers chasing him for work

If you call Abhishek Kapoor and can’t get through him, worry not. The filmmaker has apparently changed his cell phone number after getting inundated with congratulatory calls, messages and requests for projects post his recent release Kai Po Che.

Abhishek Kapoor

A source informs, “Contrary to the fact that actors often change their numbers after their successful releases, it is a director in this case who has done it. His film has struck a chord with the youth and Gattu has multiple producers chasing him now. After the initial response, Abhishek was finding it difficult to keep up.”

Those close to the director say that he started getting calls from several actors as well. The only way for him was to change his number but now that has thrown up a problem of a different kind.

The source adds, “Ever since he changed numbers, his cousin Ekta Kapoor has been getting requests asking her to introduce or set up a meeting with Abhishek.” Needless to add, we also could not get through to him for confirmation on our story.  

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