Can these impossible things happen in Bollywood this year?

Jan 02, 2012, 07:16 IST | Shubha Shetty-Saha

Twenty-five things that seem impossible right now but we hope against hope we will be able to see before we perish in the supposed catastrophe at the end of this year...

Twenty-five things that seem impossible right now but we hope against hope we will be able to see before we perish in the supposed catastrophe at the end of this year...

1 Tom Cruise landing a two-minute blink-and-miss role in an Anil Kapoor starrer film and going to town talking about it.

2 Abhishek and Aishwarya deciding on their baby girl's name

3 Actresses admitting to being normal red-blooded women and not some plastic doll that is expected to never have a love life.... The only gutsy girl to do it was Deepika Padukone, who has also turned coy over time.
4 SRK not talking about his kids in an interview.
5 Sushmita Sen taking a breather between the men she loves.
6 Ram Gopal Varma's tweets making some sense. Any sense.

7 Shahid Kapur tweeting without a single grammatical error.
8 Vivek Oberoi not talking about being a good Samaritan
9 Prateik's PR machinery taking a month's holiday

10 Katrina Kaif not sporting that poker straight I-am-a-good-girl hairstyle and attitude.
11 Aamir Khan taking a spontaneous decision to watch an SRK film.
12 Jacqueline Fernandes' thighs, Nargis Fakri's lips and Imran Khan's eyebrows stop having a life of their own.
13 Vidya Balan in size-zero.

14 Sonam Kapoor without the 'I am so stylish' look.
15 Sanjay Dutt making his decisions without wife Maanyata's help.
16 Starlets stop thinking that not buying underwear will save money and get them instant publicity.
17 Malaika Arora Khan in clothes.
18 Madhuri Dixit without a truckload of make up on her pretty face.
19 Aditya Chopra and Kangana Ranaut's firang boyfriend being seen to assure us that they exist.
20 Anurag Kashyap letting his friends' films talk for themselves.
21 Minissha Lamba and the rest of her ilk declaring their newly acquired 'assets' at the customs.

22 Kangana Ranaut saying three English words straight and the audience actually getting it.
23 An open catfight between two actresses, instead of the diplomatic cold vibes and backbiting. Manisha Koirala and Mamta Kulkarni, we miss you and your bindass squabbles.
24 Rakhi Sawant observing a two-minute silence.

25 Hrithik Roshan without an injury.

A few things that our readers wish to see...

Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan reveal the real reason whey they had such a major fight at Katrina Kaif's birthday party, over three years ago. 
Kailash Dama, Businessman

I'd want to see an actress go as ugly as Chalize Theron did in Monster. 
Karishma Pandya, PR executive

It'll be interesting to see Katrina Kaif wear a burkha and Vidya Balan wear a bikini. 
Chirag Shah, student

I want to see Aamir Khan's son decide precisely which colour of diapers he wants to wear. 
Priya Maiti, banker

I want to see Ranbir and Kareena act in a film and see who does a better job. 
Vinit Sharma, PR executive

I would like to see a documentary on the lives and times of Dev Anand and Shammi Kapoor with footage never seen before. 
Ravi Banerjee, writer

Aamir, SRK and Salman play the three musketeers. 
Anusha Bose, TV producer

Actors in their 20s playing their age and the ones pretending to be 20 playing nothing. 
Preeti Ramani, travel blogger

I want to see someone write a script about SRK- the superstar and take it to Salman to play the role. 
Karan Seth, lawyer

I would like Bollywood to be more script driven so that we get movies that are original, distinctive, world-class and apt to be talked about. 
Ranjib Mazumder, film enthusiast

I want to see Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha act together. 
Jawahar Chhoda, Journalist.
An A-league actor playing a gay character. 
Jigna Thakker, model
Aishwarya Rai playing Demi Moore's role in Strip Tease. 
Manav Raina, IT professional

I would love to see SRK doing a full monty. 
Manisha Singh, ad filmmaker

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