Candid chat with designer Nisha Sainani

May 04, 2014, 11:00 IST | Nikshubha Garg

Designer Nisha Sainani talks to Nikshubha Garg about her latest collection and John Lennon

Q. What is your new collection, Sunshine, Freedom and a Little flower, about?
A. This collection is in collaboration with a friend, Vineeta Nair, who is also an artiste and an art blogger. The collection uses floral prints, which is an essential aspect of summer fused with a vintage look. For example, one of the dresses uses rose print along with square shape blocks as its background. The idea of the blocks is inspired by square-shaped windows which were a prominent feature of ancient Indian temples. Another one uses guns with a floral print along with it. Here, I have tried to fuse a vintage gun with floral prints. An alternative explanation could be a masculine symbol of a gun used alongside florals which is considered feminine.

Designer Nisha Sainani
Designer Nisha Sainani

Q. What is the story behind the long and the strange name for the collection?
A. Since the beginning of the collaboration I was clear that I wanted to use florals with a twist. Floral prints are associated with happiness for me. Sunshine is bright and joyful. That’s where I got the term ‘Sunshine’. Furthermore, I am a huge fan of John Lennon (Yes! she has used him in her collection) and he defines liberation for me. That’s why ‘Freedom’ and finally, my entire collection is about summer, vibrant shades and floral prints, hence ‘A little flower’.

Q. Do you think Indians are hesitant about experimenting with fashion?
A. Yes, I do think so. But the trend is changing. I think more people are becoming open to new ideas. They might not like a particular style or trend but when they see people experimenting, they are ready to give it a try.
Q. Why do designers who would find a great market for plus-size women in India not design for them?
A. I think that’s what makes them get more orders. But slowly this mentality is changing. Now a lot more collections have sizes for the Indian body-type. I do retailing for stores and every outfit of mine has a size 40. Such outfits can be worn by women stepping out for kitty parties, brunches and reunions.

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