Candid chat with Rohan Mazumdar, lead singer of Colour Compound

May 11, 2014, 09:44 IST | Rinky Kumar

Rohan Mazumdar, lead vocalist of Indie pop band Colour Compound, talks about their debut album, From Where We Stand, which releases online today

Boy bands have often been a huge hit with youngsters. While guys identify with the band members’ songs of love and rejection, girls can’t stop swooning over their cute looks.

Colour Compound
Colour Compound was formed in 2010

But lead vocalist and guitarist Rohan Mazumdar insists that his band Colour Compound is an indie-pop venture and not a boy band. This is evident in their vocals, harmony and groove choices, all of which have heavy influences of pop and blues music. Formed in October 2010, Colour Compound comprises Bradley Tellis, who plays the guitar while splitting lead vocal duties with Mazumdar, bassist Adil Kurwa and drummer and percussionist Aditya Ashok.

Mazumdar says, “Bradley and I were an acoustic duo. Aditya and Adil were Bradley’s friends. We wrote some songs together and liked the sounds that we created. Though all of us listen to different kinds of music, we gelled as a team.” But rather than launch an album, the quartet released an Extended Play or EP (a musical recording that contains more music than a single, but is too short to qualify as an album) titled Sincerely Yours in 2011. “We were not ready to come out with an album. So we went ahead with an EP which displayed different sounds and genres that we had experimented with,” he elaborates.

Over a period of time, the four musicians came up with a homogenous sound which, they felt, defined them. “From Where We Stand, which releases online today, is an album that defines our sound. There’s a jarring simplicity evident in our music with vocal harmonies laid over melodic guitar lines that sit into a cosy rhythm section,” explains Mazumdar. He has also penned the lyrics with Tellis. So while one song, Turning Back Time, explores how life is different now from what it was in the past, Porcelain People is about hypocrites. “There is no major theme in the album. The lyrics are relatable and speak of life as we know it,” he adds.

Colour Compound performs on May 15 from 10 pm at blueFROG, Lower Parel

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