Captured Al-Qaeda figure to face justice: Obama

Oct 09, 2013, 11:50 IST | IANS

US President Barack Obama said Tuesday that newly-captured Al-Qaeda member Abu Anas al-Libi will be brought to justice

Obama made the remarks at a televised news conference at the White House which focused mainly on the federal government shutdown, Xinhua reported.

Asked whether the capture of al-Libi, the alleged suspect behind the bombings of US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya in 1998, complied with international law, Obama parried the question and went on to stress that the US has "strong evidence" of al- Libi's involvement in planning and helping execute plots that killed hundreds of people, including "a whole lot of Americans."

"And he will be brought to justice," said the president.

The US military conducted an operation Saturday in Libya and captured long time Al-Qaeda member Abu Anas al-Libi.

The Pentagon said the operation was approved by Obama and al- Libi was "lawfully detained under that law of war in a secure location outside of Libya.

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