Cash-strapped couples 'indulging in more sex'!

Apr 11, 2012, 13:19 IST | ANI

Couples facing financial crisis are getting over the recession by staying at home and spicing up their sex lives more than ever before, a new study has revealed


And apart from making love more often, they are being more adventurous, watching naughty movies and having sex outdoors.
Over one in three of them admitted to having sex up to five times every week, according to a new survey.
And two out of three of them have at least one night of passion every month.

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“We might be in a time of recession, but it’s nice to know that some of the best things in life are still free,” the Mirror quoted sex expert Tracey Cox, the author of Sex SOS, as saying.
“Sex ­always seems to get better for both partners ­during times of ­economic doom and gloom ­because we are all looking for cheap ­entertainment when money is tight.
“And let’s be honest, there’s nothing ­cheaper and more fun than lots of sex!”
More than half of those questioned in the survey revealed that they regularly using naughty movies to spice up their sex lives. Nearly as many also admit to having sex in the great outdoors.
Tracey asserted the results indicated that Britons were embracing their sex lives with a passion.
“We usually have a ­reputation of being stand-offish and cold in public, but in private we’ve always been a bit naughty and this ­finally proves it,” she said.
“It’s great that we’re putting so much energy into our love lives and that a wide range of people of all different ages are enjoying it. We’re finally ­beginning to accept that great sex isn’t something which is just enjoyed by young ­people. But good sex doesn’t just happen. You’ve got to try new things like erotica and movies to keep the passion alive.
“People also need to remember that ­having sex is actually very good for you. It helps keep your ­endorphins up which make you feel happy and prevents ­depression. It’s great for your heart too. Without good, ­regular sex ­everything stops ­working ­properly,” she added.

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