'Castle is a feel-good murder mystery show!'

Updated: Dec 28, 2014, 14:52 IST | Fiona Fernandez |

Writer David Amann speaks about the crackling chemistry between Castle and Beckett that gets even better in Season 7, and more of the racy plots that viewers can expect from one of the most watched shows on television

Q. What can Indian viewers expect from Castle’s Season 7?
A. The story moves forward. The complications in their relationship seem to have vanished. It hits a bit of an impediment but it’s short-term. They find their way back. Castle and Beckett will get closer; there will be a wedding too (smiles).

Q. What are some of the key factors that make Castle such a popular show across countries and age groups?
A. Lead actors, Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic are big reasons for the show’s success. Castle is a procedural TV show unlike any other in its genre. Castle has a spark, with a fun element too and yet it aspires to deliver a human mystery with its twists and turns, all of which make it interesting.

Castle is also a family show. Rick Castle has a family, where his daughter and mum play key roles. I can watch it with my kids because we don’t deal with just murder and all the gory stuff. It’s a feel-good murder mystery show! (laughs) We want to take people on a ride and leave them in a nice zone at the end of the show.

Q. Over the seasons, who has been the tougher of the two characters to pen?
Both have their challenges since both have distinct voices, and are fun too. With Castle, it’s his flowery language while Beckett has a dry sense of humour and sharp wit.

Q. We’ve noticed more screen time with every season, for colleagues like Esposito and Ryan. Was that intentional?
A. It was never intended that way. Now, of course, their characterisation is more integrated. In fact, mid-season, there will be an episode where both will be at the centre of the plot, with a hostage situation involved.

Q. What is it that keeps Castle and Beckett in such a strong yet complicated relationship?
A. We believe that these two are destined for life. The term ‘opposites attract’ applies to their relationship. She is reserved, while he is the ‘out there’ types. A part of their journey throughout the series is basing this reality, of their coming to terms with the need to be together. Ultimately, Beckett needed to resolve the baggage related to her mother’s murder, and move on to this relationship.

In Season 7, viewers can expect more fireworks and intensity in the Castle-Beckett relationship

Q. Will we see Castle and Beckett solve a case in India?
A. (Laughs) I would like it. Paris happened earlier, so why not India! I think it’s a crazy, cool idea and I wouldn’t put it out of the question.

Q. Any spoilers that you can reveal for Season 7...?
A. Viewers in India can look forward to many fun episodes. There is the Castle-Beckett wedding, of course. There’s even a version of a honeymoon (chuckles) and the Ryan-Esposito episode. Around Christmastime, an issue will put Castle in a situation where he might not be able to work at the station. But because he is Castle, he’ll find a way out. Beckett and he love to work together, so he’ll figure things out. Like always.

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