Cathedral goof up over jersey numbers

Aug 23, 2012, 09:36 IST | Sundari Iyer

Cathedral & John Connon's Amay Podhar and Dishank Shah both sported No 20 on their backs during their MSSA U-16 inter-school Div IV match against St Michael's (Mahim) at Azad Maidan yesterday

Worse still, the error would not gone unnoticed had MiD DAY not informed the authorities. Players are given specific jersey numbers to help officials differentiate between them in terms of goals scored, fouls committed, etc. Duplicity of jersey numbers could lead to incorrect information being recorded.

Number of problems: Cathedral & John Connon’s Dishank Shah (left) and Amay Podhar both sport jersey No 20 during their MSSA inter-school U-16 Div IV match against St Michael’s  (Mahim) at Azad Maidan yesterday. Pic/ Suresh KK 

Referee Elvis Nunes said he had warned Cathedral of the duplicity but they ignored him. “Before the start of the match, I told the Cathedral coach to ensure that two players do not enter the field wearing the same jersey number, but they ignored my instructions. MSSA should take action against such teams to ensure these errors are not repeated,” said Nunes.

Cathedral coach Shivlal Yadav admitted the goof-up was a result of miscommunication between his players. “I asked Dishank to change into a jersey without any number, but he didn’t,” said Yadav.

MSSA though blamed the referee for failing to spot the error on the field. “Elvis should not have let the boys wearing similary jersey numbers take to the field,” said MSSA football secretary Anslem Alphonso.

Thankfully for Cathedral, the goof-up didn’t affect their form. They emerged 3-0 victors with Rajveer Dhody, Hrishi Munim and Uday Khandelwal scoring a goal each. 

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