Caught on camera: Lion leaps to catch antelope in mid-air

Jul 23, 2014, 11:05 IST |

Watch the extraordinary take down by a pair of lionesses, who surprise two blesbok antelopes running in their direction by intercepting them after one antelope leaps in an attempt to escape

In what can be described as an extraordinary take-down, a hungry lioness intercepts an antelope in mid-air to capture it. The incident that took place in a game reserve in South Africa was captured on camera.

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A lioness leaps in mid-air to intercept the jumping antelope in a game reserve in South Africa

The footage shows a pair of lionesses ambushing two blesbok antelopes on top of a ridge. The frightened bleshoks attempt to escape by leaping from ridge, while one manages to get away, the other antelope is intercepted mid-flight by a lioness as both predator and prey hit the ground hard.

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The lioness with the help of its companion holds on to the antelope and later devoured it.

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