'Cause' India beckons

May 28, 2012, 06:21 IST | Special Features

For some reason, India seems to be high on the priority list for Hollywood celebrities dropping in for some goodwill hunting.

The latest in the list is Keanu Reeves who’s reported to be coming to India to raise awareness about human trafficking. CS gives you some information on others who came to the country for various social causes:

>> Richard Gere, who’s been working to raise awareness about AIDS, helped establish an AIDS care home in India and has been to the country a couple of times. In 2007, when he was visiting Jaipur for an AIDS awareness rally, he kissed Shilpa Shetty in jest, leading to a case of obscenity being filed against them. The case was later dismissed by the court.

>> Meg Ryan visited Delhi in 2006, as part of her association with CARE, an organisation that works to alleviate the hardships of poverty throughout the developing world.

>> In 2010, Lucy Liu made a documentary on human trafficking for which she was in India for a couple of days.

>> In 2006, Hilary Swank visited Palampur in North India with United Planet, an international non-profit organisation. She worked as a teaching assistant and care giver at an orphanage.

>> Lindsay Lohan shot a documentary on human trafficking in Delhi, Kolkata as well as West Bengal in 2009.

>> Matt Damon visited Chennai in 2009 as part of his H2O Africa Foundation that raises awareness about clean water.

>> In 2007, Ashley Judd paid a three-week-visit to India to spread awareness about HIV-AIDS prevention. She even participated in a documentary.  

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