8 causes of adultery

May 08, 2012, 15:21 IST | A Correspondent

Infidelity is a major problem that couples face in marriages and relationships. We look at a few factors that lead to betrayal...


Too much creativity

Probability of cheating is more in creative people than in the non-creative lot, a new study has suggested.


According to the research conducted by Harvard University, this is possibly because of the talent possessed by the original thinkers, which increases their ability to rationalize their actions.

The researchers used a series of recognized psychological tests and measures to gauge research subjects’ creativity.

They also tested participants’ intelligence. In each of the five experiments, participants received a small sum for showing up. Then, they were presented with tasks or tests where they could be paid more if they cheated.

The experimenters also told participants they would be paid more for more correct answers and led them to believe that they could cheat without detection when transferring their answers. However, all the papers had unique identifiers.

The results showed the more creative participants were significantly more likely to cheat, and that there was no link between intelligence and dishonesty – i.e., more intelligent but less creative people were not more inclined toward dishonesty.

Fancy wheels
If you own a luxury car, you are more likely to have an extra-marital affair, according to a new survey.

The survey from UK-based dating website claims to have polled its 640,000 members and found that 19.21 per cent of male members who admitted to being unfaithful were luxury sedan owners.

A spokesperson from the website said, “there’s an intrinsic link between success and cheating”.

“Successful people are often risk-takers, and have got to where they are by setting their standards high,” the Herald Sun quoted her as saying.

“However, these people are also less likely to settle for unsatisfying relationships or monotony,” she added. 

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