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Jul 20, 2012, 18:34 IST | Shakti Shetty

The movie is a cliched attempt that fails due to the lack of acceleration in the screenplay.

Every once in a while, there comes a film in Bollywood that tries to steer clear off the clichés. Sadly, this is not that film. Though it begins on a promising premise of the lead actress portraying a professional chauffeur, the plot becomes more and more apparent with every passing minute. Besides, it’s not really the first time in Hindi cinema that the heroine has gotten behind the wheel for a living. Deepika Padukone played a cab driver once and so did Lara Dutta.

Kainaz Motivala (last seen in Ragini MMS) plays the eponymous driver and is strictly likeable but her performance doesn’t really drive the film. The same is true about Vickrant Mahajan who plays an uptight rich guy who seems stuck in the mould. For what it’s worth, he merits mention for his one-man-army avatar as he’s not only essaying the lead role but also making his directorial debut with this romantic comedy. Even the story and dialogues were written by him. Perhaps he had too much on his plate!

Kainaz Motivala
Kainaz Motivala in a still from the movie.

Speaking of performance, Prem Chopra remains an absolute delight throughout. In the second half, Manoj Pahwa provides the much-needed comical velocity. There’s not much to rave about the movie in terms of technicality. The background score is numb and the songs aren’t catchy either. 

Talking of the positives, Challo Driver does try to be different by pointing out the need to do something differently when it comes to choosing a career. Anything, to be precise. In a nutshell, it makes an attempt to gauge the pulse of today’s youth. However, once the movie sets into motion, the lack of acceleration in the screenplay wrecks the show.

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