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Jul 11, 2012, 11:05 IST | Ashishwang Godha

The latest eatery to set shop at Kalyani Nagar needs to work very hard if it aims at competing with its famed restaurant neighbours

This review is going to be a short one. It doesn’t deserve much. By the looks of it, we thought it would make it to the vegetarian neighbourhood landmarks category a la Kalyani, around the corner. But it doesn’t. At least, not yet.

Paneer Thread

The menu is predictable — Indian and Chinese and a Pav Bhaji live counter. But even though there were quite a few people present, the place completely lacked the energetic vibe that usually adds buzz to a joint. The eatery was half-lit, lacked energy and served average food.

We began with Buttermilk (Rs 25) and a Palak Soup (Rs 65). Our chaas tasted like the chef had mistakenly mixed coconut chutney instead of dahi into water; it was horrid. Our soup was average and watery and had no striking flavours.


For starters, we knew we shouldn’t, but we braved a Chinese dish. The Veg Fried Wantons (Rs 100) arrived on a bed of julienned cabbage and carrots which were the saviours. The wantons that should ideally be delicate and tender, were deep-fried to a dark pakoda crisp. The little ball of filling was stir-fried veggies in soy sauce, but was so microscopic that you could hardly bite into it. Disastrous.

Veg Maharaja

Our mains were the Veg Banjara (Rs 105) which was equally bad. It was a mix of chopped vegetables in brown, tasteless thick gravy. Thank god for the Butter Pudina Roti (Rs 20). As for the Dal Palak (Rs 75), which came in a little bucket and looked a green resembling turtle-backs, was alright but again without any special noteworthy character. Ditto the Veg Pulao (Rs 70) — average and tasteless. Should we say any more?

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