CD review: Secondhand Rapture

Jul 26, 2013, 10:01 IST | Lindsay Pereira

It's Miss Mister, if you're wondering. Also, to stop you speculating, the debut is promising

One assumes Tumblr-account holders won’t be as unfamiliar with the duo’s music as the rest of us may be; considering that it is the platform they’ve used to bring their music to the world’s attention. They may also be familiar to fans of the TV series, Game of Thrones, which uses the track, Bones, in its trailer.

As for the music, it is interesting primarily because it is so hard to pin down. Is it Pop? Not really. At times, MS MR sound like Florence and The Machine (Ash Tree Lane), at other times like Lana Del Rey (Dark Doo Wop), and even manage to evoke a stripped down, Mumford & Sons (Head Is Not My Home). This is a good thing because force-fitting a band’s sound ought to make sense to a marketing department alone, not a listener eager to spend time with sounds that are new and refreshing.

The strongest track here is the opener, Hurricane. It’s a well-created, solid Pop song that clocks in at just over three minutes and manages to convey a sense of ill-placed teenage paranoia (“didn’t know what this would be, but I knew I didn’t see, what you thought you saw in me”) without sounding too
pretentious. Not everything works, sadly. Then again, a perfect debut is hard to come by.

Interestingly, the word ‘rapture’ in Christian theology refers to the final resurrection. MS MR’s use of the ‘secondhand’ prefix is meant as a comment on the vicarious lives we now lead online. Make of that what you will.

Secondhand Rapture, MS MR, Sony, `399, Available at leading music stores. 

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