Celebrating energy

Apr 10, 2012, 06:37 IST | The Special Team

Freedom of mind, body and soul is the mantra that designer Maheka Mirpuri interprets through her spring/summer 2012 collection Freedom

Maheka’s collection is all about the elucidation of awareness and infinity – of icy ocean waves and expanses of sand, of the blue skies and borderless spaces, of the unsullied freshness of origin, freedom of thought and movement, and of individuality.

Each of these elements are interpreted in her creations either through silhouettes or hues. “My focus this season is to bring out the inner self, to be consciously aware and to connect with oneself; to be happy, blissful and ecstatic.

It is a celebration of energy,” says Maheka. Maheka’s collection this season is for the woman who identifies with herself, who is confident, powerful and strikingly stylish. The collection is a reflection of the mind which is the root of all determination and ambition. 

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