Celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor launches cooking app

Apr 19, 2015, 07:36 IST | Phorum Dalal

Sanjeev Kapoor’s app, which launched early this month, is available on Android, iOS and Windows

Even before Chef Sanjeev Kapoor published a cook book, he released a CD-rom of recipe videos and launched a website in 2006. Tech savvy and up-to-date with new communication mediums, the celebrity chef launched his app titled Sanjeev Kapoor’s app, which he calls a complete cookery manual, early this month.

Sanjeev Kapoor
Chef Sanjeev Kapoor aims making cooking easy with his new app

“If you look at our lives today, we practically live in the virtual world of our cell phones. And with the Masterchef series and other food shows, there is an increase in experimental cooks, with even children stepping into the kitchen. All I did was club the two and create a platform for experiential, amateur as well as seasoned foodies to meet, share and making cooking easy,” says Kapoor, whose app offers a convenient way to plan shopping lists, menus and all things food.

For newbies
“For first-timers, it introduces users to the kitchen, its tools and ingredients. In the Recipe Box section, there are time-saver recipes that can be whipped up within minutes. The app also has a section called In Your Fridge. All you have to do is feed in the ingredients available with you and the app will give you a list of recipes you can make using them,” says Kapoor, who hopes users will become dependent on the app once they start using it.

“In my field of work, I meet a lot of people who bombard me with questions on food and share delightful nuggets, too. I will share all these experiences on the app in the form of tips,” says Kapoor, who promptly gives us an example. “When you make aam ras at home, there’s always little pulp leftover on the skin. Collect that, add it to water and fill it in your ice trays. What you’ll get is mango pulp ice-cubes that you can dunk in your drinks,” he says.

Select a cuisine
In the Indian section, the app has food items from Jain, Bengali, Behari and Andhra, Awadhi and Coorg cuisines, while there’s a separate noodle and pasta section too.

“Today, we have an ever growing community of experimental chefs. The Join the Foodie section is a platform for a food aficionados to meet and share information. We also have a Be A Masterchef icon, where users can sign up for cookery classes and culinary studio events,” explains Kapoor.

Interestingly, every time you submit a recipe, which is published on the app after the moderator’s approval you earn points, which can be redeemed to buy products offered on the app.

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