Celebs express outrage over Guwahati molestation incident

Jul 13, 2012, 15:47 IST | Avinash Iyer

Celebrities expressed their outrage on Twitter after a video showing a minor girl being molested by 20 men in Guwahati went viral.

Friday the 13th started on a rather grim note for internet users across India after a video clip showing the molestation of a minor girl by 20 men went viral. The incident happened in Guwahati city of Assam.

Why didn't anyone intervene, asks Big B

Celebrities took to Twitter to vent their outrage on the issue.

Amitabh Bachchan posted - "Horrid visuals on Tv of molestation of young girl..but just a point..how does Tv crew know of it live..and..why don't they intervene."

Director-actor Farhan Akhtar tweeted - "#guwahati Pathetic! Shameful! Indian women better realise that they are on their own. #guwahati I feel so pessimistic at this moment about where we're headed. Where is the law and order? Where is the concept of civilisation?"

Starlet Poonam Pandey, known for posting racy pictures of herself, tweeted - "Another blot on human race. Feel ashamed to watch the incident happened in #Guwahati. Women's safety is more a concept than reality in India."

Women's safety is more of a concept than reality in India , feels Poonam Pandey

Roja actor Arvind Swami tweeted - "guwahati incident...shame on us!!!...and what was the cameraman doing while this was going on???"

"Either the #Guwahati police are spectacularly inefficient or they don't give a damn. The latter scenario is very scary. #Guwahati," said photographer Atul Kasbekar on his Twitter account.

Kainaz Motivala, of Ragini MMS fame, tweeted - "I don't understand how only 3 of the culprits in the #Guwahati case hv been arrested! They're looking into camera & smiling!! Punish them!!!"

Movie producer Rangita Nandy posted - "Dear Faceless Girl in #Guwahati, nobody will ever understand what you/you're went/going through. Strength, prayers and hopefully, justice."

Member of Parliament Derek O'Brien tweeted - "This is not about one #Guwahati,one Bengaluru,one Park Street...this is about collective shame.And the will for us together to set it right"

The incident has created a furore in the virtual world that 'Guwahati' was one of the trending topics in India.

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